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Our Story

Root Cause Clinic™-simply put is the veneration of all things vibration.  Birthed in awe of the Quantum Physics Renaissance of the early 20th century era, our story has never been about simply bringing biophysics to the people.  It was to become the very definition of it.

We originally came to this space like many of you have, with an empty cup of health.  A cup made full by neither functional nor allopathic medicine alike, but by the harmonization of that which animated it- ENERGY.

Perhaps Physics Meets Physiology™ makes a little more sense now?


For if our story stands  but for one thing… It is that true freedom from physical suffering lies not in aiming to eradicate illness itself.. but in ending the architecture of its design.

Our Vision

"Energy is the architect of all matter" 

-Veronica Leslie Panagopoulos

Our vision and work is not one which abolishes allopathic advancements,  rather it elucidates how it may become more complete.   Root Cause Clinic™ exists as an animation of education and empowerment to facilitate a new paradigm around the world; a paradigm where our potential is not merely measured only by the world of what is seen in the flesh...but so too by the very principles of physics which animate it.  

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Meet the Owners

Veronica L. Panagopoulos

Veronica L. Panagopoulos

Founding Partner

Veronica Leslie is an Agriculture scientist turned Naturopath as well as co-founder and CEO of Root Cause Clinic™.

Deana Morales

Deana Morales

Founding Partner

Deana Morales is co-founder of and acting CFO/ COO of Root Cause Clinic™.

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