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Our Story

Introducing Root Cause Clinic™, a beacon of hope forged from personal struggle and an unwavering quest for true health and vitality. Faced with the limitations of conventional Western medicine, our founder embarked on a transformative journey to seek answers for themselves and their loved ones. Exhausting every avenue prescribed by traditional medicine, yet still falling short of true resolution, they refused to accept defeat. 

Enter the realm of exploration, where Eastern and Chinese medicine beckoned with promises of holistic healing. It was here that the pivotal discovery of bioresonance ignited a paradigm shift—an epiphany that shattered the confines of diagnosis and symptoms. Instead, we embraced the profound notion of restoring balance, nurturing the free flow of energy, and dismantling barriers that obstruct vitality.

Thus, Root Cause Clinic™ was born—a sanctuary where the power of bioresonance testing transcends the confines of clinic walls.

Our Vision

Empowered by this revolutionary technology, we embark on a mission to bring enlightenment and direction to every seeker of true wellness. Picture a future where every home becomes a bastion of knowledge, every individual empowered to reclaim control over their health destiny.

Join us in this crusade as we revolutionize the landscape of healthcare, one empowered individual at a time. Together, let us unlock the mysteries of optimal health and vitality, rewriting the narrative of wellness for generations to come. Step into the realm of Root Cause Clinic™ and embrace a future where true health knows no bounds.

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Meet the Owners

Deana Morales

Deana Morales


Deana Morales is founder of Root Cause Clinic™.

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