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House of Hertz™

House of Hertz™ is the answer to an establishment and industry whose approach is predominantly mechanistic and biochemically based.


After seeing what the force of frequency made possible for the hundreds of countless lives changed in the debut Biotechnology concepts of Root Cause Clinic …. We’ve erected House of Hertz™ … in physical form … to really put the physics back into physiology.

Our mission is to spread awareness on frequency healing and to expand services all around the world one House of Hertz™ at a time....making wellness more attainable for all. *


IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback

Delta wave transcranial microcurrent uses the principal of Hormesis (less is more) to pulse very low energy frequency through the neural circuits to activates the glymphatic system (lymph system of the brain), restore abnormal delta waves rhythms, and promotes the brain’s metabolic clearance processes. In targeting such, clients can generally expect to experience an increase in the cholinergic neurotransmitter pathway.

In short, those looking for relief of neurological  based symptoms-this is where you will want to start!

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