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Veronica Leslie, CEO
Deana Morales, CFO, COO
Ariel Welch, FNTP
Neuro/Endocrine/Digestive Specialist
Lauren Baca, FNTP
Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Melissa Colin, RN, MSN,CFMP
Functional Medicine Practitioner/Chronic Illness/Detox/Digestive Health
Gio Jones,Health Coach
Health Coach/Women's Beauty
Zakia Maylor, BS, CN
Sports Nutrition/ Integrative & Functional Health
Natalie Parlett, FNTP
Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner /Women's Health
Amanda Rammel, DC
Women's Health & Nutritionist
Giulia Tondo, FNTP
Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
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Veronica Leslie, CEO


Veronica Leslie is an Agriculture scientist turned Naturopath as well as co-founder and CEO of Root Cause Clinic.   She is an alumni of California Polytechnic Pomona,  Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture, with advanced training and education in sustainable seafood and aquaculture harvesting systems which she completed under the direction of Santa Monica Seafood Company and prestigious leaders in global conservation, the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Her most notable areas of interest and specialty included the potential for pathogen management and food borne illness inhibition in Agricultural systems utilizing light wave and other photonic mediated technologies.  However after suffering a series of health crisis and finding no direction in the conventional medical sphere, Veronica embarked upon a quest for answers by utilizing her training as a scientist and love of all things photonic to isolate and elucidate the unique root cause factors that were in fact behind her own ailments.   This ultimately later led to her complete and full recovery from  such conditions as androgenic alopecia, acne, Type 2 diabetes, Lyme Disease, CIRS, and more.  Seeing the undeniable transformative power of the photon alongside naturopathic healing modalities, Veronica subsequently went on to pursue formal study at the College of Naturopathic Medicine of the United Kingdom where she completed diplomas in  Biomedicine, Nutrition, and a Master level Nutrition diploma in addition to advanced accreditation in herbal medicine and other frequency medicine disciplines such as homeopathy, cell salts, and Bach flower remedies.  Her current areas of specialty include but are not limited to: Lyme Disease, Stealth Pathogens, CIRS, and Immunomodulation using Bioenergetic, Herbal, Homeopathic, and Homeoprophylaxis healing modalities.


Deana Morales, CFO, COO

Deana Morales is co-founder of and acting CFO/ COO of the Root Cause Clinic. She is a wife, mother of 5, and self built business woman in a slew of industries ranging from transportation logistics to financial services.  After becoming caught up in the conventional healthcare model with no real answers for her or her family, Deana turned over a new leaf to do what she does best - identify and isolate solutions. So when her and her family’s bioenergetic testing with HealthDoll.Co yielded the first ever platform of answers where all other modalities had failed, Deana immediately knew this was not simply designed to be another “business as usual” experience.  In only a few short hours of analysis, Deana, a tough critic, was forever sold on the undeniable connections elucidated over everything from her daughter's uncontrolled seizures, son's diagnosed spectrum disorder, and tell tale signs of her own personal battle with breast implant illness.  Above all to catch Deana's attention, was the clearly painted portrait illustrating the why behind that which she has withheld - her breast cancer. 

Deana then did what any and all of us looking for answers do next... and put her protocol to the test.  Within just days, Deana felt the effects of the body's inner compass to seek a healing homeostasis.  With the organizational acumen and fortitude to be the bridge between what she and her own family experienced and the experience she believed deserving of every family, Deana joined forces with Veronica Leslie, Naturopath to encapsulate everything bioenergetics for the world over to experience. What you see before you now ... and all yet to come... is the quantum sum of these parts, of whose synergy she knows has only begun to be seen.  

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Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Lauren's passion for root-cause wellness stemmed from growing up in a family riddled with degenerative diseases. Although she saw the benefits western medicine could offer by keeping her family alive, she noticed that their quality of life was greatly diminished. She made the connection that what we eat is intimately connected to our sense of vitality. Diseases that are labeled as "genetic" in allopathic medicine have the power to be either perpetuated or hindered by our lifestyle choices. This idea that our lifestyle could rewire our "pre-dispositions" is what pushed Lauren beyond the scope of nutritional biology and into the realm of holistic mind-body health. 

Fast forward and Lauren's never-ceasing love for education has lent her to gain experience in a number of different areas including but not limited to nutrition, biochemistry, epidemiology, and west-to-east herbalism. Currently, she works with a wide range of clients helping them find their root-cause answers. 

After becoming diagnosed with Lyme Disease herself, she found a passion for helping those suffering from complex stealth infections including mold illness, Lyme, and co-infections. Although she holds space for these clients, her undying love for teaching others how to care for themselves is inclusive to all.

Lauren employs a trifecta of tools to guide her clients through bio-individual protocols that remind the body how to heal and restore innate body wisdom. 


Functional Medicine Practitioner/Chronic Illness/Detox/Digestive Health

Melissa Colin is a registered nurse for over 20 years now. Her background and training is in Emergency Medicine, but she has always taken a wholistic approach to health. She obtained her BSN and MSN degrees in leadership and healthcare systems from Grand Canyon University. She also completed her study at Functional Medicine University and is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.



It wasn't until she found herself faced with autoimmune-type symptoms that came on very suddenly, to really look at her health and the healthcare industry. She found herself, being a nurse and a healer, needing help, and not knowing where to turn. She saw doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, only to hear there was nothing wrong with her and was told it was all in her head. Sound familiar? This all left her feeling frustrated, lost, defeated, and ALONE.


She has spent the last 8+ years researching, finding her root cause, and healing herself with the use of functional medicine and testing. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and many co-infections that come with it. Functional Medicine determines how and why illness occurs, and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual person. Together we will focus on the whole body, mind, and spirit to achieve wellness and learn to heal from chronic illness. We also use Functional Medicine to prevent illness with detoxing, dietary, and lifestyle changes. Her specialties include, but not limited to: Lyme disease, mold toxicity, gut health, parasites, chronic inflammation, and medication management. 


YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Melissa is here to help you. To finally find your root cause and the solutions you need to get back to the person you want to be again. She will help you heal your gut, detox, remove those unwanted symptoms, gain more energy, have better mental clarity, and empower you to continue to heal yourself. 

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Health coach/Women's Beauty

Gio loves doing research as she have a background in health journalism. However her own healing journey took her into nutrition school. She has been a health coach for over 8 years now. Her focus in her practice is using food as medicine, non-toxic living, digestive health and skin conditions. Do you want beautiful skin? She can help you start healing the gut and the toxin overload in the body. She also has studies in environmental toxins and hidden infections. In order to start healing we must address the root cause.

Me gusta investigar a fondo, tengo una carrera como periodista en temas de salud. Y fue precisamente un problema de salud lo que me llevó a estudiar nutrición y tengo más de 8 años ejerciendo como Health Coach. Mi enfoque es el poder de la alimentación, una vida libre de tóxicos, la salud digestiva y la salud de tu piel. ¿Deseas tener una piel bonita? Empieza a sanar tus intestinos y la carga tóxica del cuerpo. También tengo estudios en toxinas ambientales e infecciones recurrentes. Para empezar a sanar debemos identificar y tratar la causa raíz. 

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Sports Nutrition/ Integrative & Functional Health

Zakia Maylor is an Integrative and Functional Health Practitioner with a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, Certification in Nutrition, Personal Training, and Pilates. She has devoted herself to the health and wellness field for over 18 years. After studying nutrition she decided to start a holistic nutrition business offering nutritional coaching and a fresh pressed juice company out of Grayson, Ga. Over the last 10 years she has developed programs and workshops in detoxification, weight loss, hormones, Autoimmune disease, gut health, and functional fitness.

Zakia’s love for natural health began in 2006 while searching for answers to debilitating gut issues, IBS, SIBO, Fibromyalgia, extreme weight loss, and chronic pain. Conventional medicine had failed her innumerable times, leading her to seek natural medicine and discovering BioEnergetic Testing which finally revealed her root cause to her symptoms.  

Zakia is currently working toward a certification in Biochemical Kinesiology to help better serve her clients. Her happy place is truly helping her clients make connections to uncovering the root causes of health concerns and building a roadmap to what optimal health means for each client. On a lighter note, if this health detective is not spending quality time with her loving husband of 18 years and beautiful daughters, you can find her engulfed in all things health and wellness.


Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner/Women's Health

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner/CrossFit Levels 1 & 2 Trainer/ Yoga RYT 200 Teacher/ Pilates Certified Instructor

Natalie is the mother of four boys and has a diverse background in all things health from Nutrition to Pilates to Functional Training. Her work as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is centered around her belief that nutrition is the foundation of health. She believes that health should be accessible to anyone and everyone at all stages of life and food is the medicine to get you there. Whether you are dealing with fatigue, hormonal imbalance, digestive dysfunction, or just needing to lose weight, Natalie will work with you to find the root cause and guide you back to the health that you deserve. She specializes in women's health, hormones, preconception, and postpartum and is currently studying to become a Restorative Wellness Practitioner.


Women's Health & Nutritionist

Dr. Rammel began study of the human body at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she completed her 4 year degree in nutritional dietetics.  She proceeded to receive her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA.
Currently, Dr. Rammel resides in Reno, NV where she conducts a thriving practice with her husband, Dr. Tom Rammel.  During 13 years of practice, Dr. Rammel has specialized in helping her patients find a balance between their physical, emotional and spiritual health. This has given her the opportunity to observe numerous different diseases and their relationship to how the body reacts to environmental toxicity.
Dr. Rammel’s passion is helping her patients find the root cause of their diseases and not just use a “band aid” approach.  She does this through nutritional counseling, lab test analysis, and restoring function to the nervous system.  These things help restore homeostasis to the body so the body can heal.  Over the past 13 years, Dr. Rammel has found a gap between holistic medicine and western medicine where patients cannot find answers they seek about their health.  She herself fell into this gap 10 years ago when struggling with fertility.  Medical doctors, equipped with the latest lab tests, kept telling her she was fine, yet she still struggled with getting pregnant.  She spent a full year figuring out how to heal herself and now has 3 beautiful children.  Her personal experience motivated her to spend the last 10  years exploring ways to help others to narrow the gap and find the underlying causes of their health struggles.
There is no reason to just survive.  Dr. Rammel is here to improve the quality of life for each and every patient she encounters.  She would love to help you find your “missing link” so you can stop wondering why, even with the changes you’ve made to improve your health, you still struggle with certain areas.


Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Giulia Tondo is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner from San Francisco who has a Bachelors of Science degree in clinical nutrition from University of California, Davis.


She believes proper nourishment is at the core of living optimally and her goal is for everyone to know what that feels like. She uses her history of disordered eating and chronic health issues to connect to clients and support their healing process so that they can live fuller lives.

On her free time, she enjoys meeting with friends, doing yoga, cooking, watching re-runs of "The Office" or "Schitt's Creek", and walking to the beach.


Neuro/Endocrine/Digestive Health

Ariel Welch is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a passion for herbalism and nontoxic living. She studied at UC Santa Cruz where she received her BS in Neuroscience and BA in Psychology, then at the Nutritional Therapy Association where she became an FNTP. Through her own radical wellness journey, she used food as medicine as the guiding principle to take charge of her health. Her fascination with biochemistry and physiology keeps her on the cutting edge, always researching for the most effective holistic therapies and supplements. One of her skills is label reading, she has high standards for the companies she works with to create plans for clients as organic ingredients are very important to her. She now specializes in detox therapies to optimize digestion and wants to help you become the most vibrant version of yourself. Getting to the root cause of your symptoms is the key to true health, everything else is just a band-aid.


We ask that  you carefully consider your purchase prior to committing to a package as All Sales Are Final. No Exceptions. No Refunds. 

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