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Did you know our sense of smell is the only complete and full sense formed upon birth?

Scent is also the only sense which remains constantly working (conscious or not) to scan our environment. Every day we face thousands of encounters (from pesticides to pheromones) that give our autonomic nervous system information as to how it should set in motion its future course of physiological action. Since living in a pristine and perfect world is not a feasible option, our kit’s aim is to provide an alternative “software” with which to help the nervous system elect such course of autonomic action to generate. Each and every oil included in this kit is backed by top tier science and studies supporting their efficacy in the field of neurology.

Below you will find the outlined suggested course of use and application for our sister company House of Hertz and its Microcurrent Neurofeedback Essential Oils Collection. This kit was designed to optimize the neurological system of the somatic body through the powerful vehicle that is our sense of smell. As a bonus we have further indicated their emotional energetic constitutions so that the feelings behind the flesh may be honored as well.

As we enjoy incorporating oils into all aspects of our lives, we have also indicated use for ingestion (in select cases) as well as transdermal application. While our suggestions are aimed at optimizing and reinforcing the targeted results of your microcurrent neurofeedback sessions, this kit is also able to be used all on its own. If you haven’t already seen Veronica Leslie’s presentation The New Science Behind Neurodegeneration & Essential Oils, be sure to review it here :

Do you enjoy the science behind essential oils?

  • Yes, it's fascinating using earths gifts in botany

  • No I am more interested in the frequency work of RCC

  • I'm neutral

What would you like to learn more about from Root Cause Clinic?

  • detoxing

  • parasites

  • your scans

  • emotion code/body code/tapping


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