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Amber Dawn


Amber Dawn has been a hands-on compassionate nurse for over 20 years working in hospitals, home health, hospice, asthma & allergy. Today she is called to serve in another capacity. Her methods have shifted from a strictly Western perspective to combining "alternative" modalities, ancient remedies, & Root Cause Clinic’s bioenergetic testing for a holistic outlook on health. She regularly attends educational symposiums to keep up with the newest in cutting edge science. Her biggest passions lie in quantum physics, mitochondrial health, and how our DNA interacts with the environment. As a strong believer in encouraging clients to master their own inherent divine healing, she educates with devotion. You will find her living out her teachings, as she spends her free time outside kayaking, biking, hiking, and just like her name suggests ~ never missing a sunrise. Amber is inspired by her two adult children who are compassionate and empathetic themselves and are her ever present compass in guidance to serve.

Amber is dedicated to preventative medicine so that more invasive procedures are less necessary. Her goal is to work with you to develop a personalized health plan. You can seek her guidance whether you have felt there is no solution to your chronic illness or you’re in optimal health reaching for more gains. Everyone is capable of changing for the better. It’s your time to shine!

Amber Dawn
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