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Brooke Diaz


Brooke Diaz holds a BA in Spanish. While she was completing her Bachelors degree she was also simultaneously taking all the pre-requisite classes needed to enter into Nursing school, even completing a Nurse’s Aid certification. She thought that getting her Nursing degree was her next step. Thankfully her intuition quickly kicked in when, after being in the clinical setting during her certification, she realized that this was not the road she wanted to go down. Eventually she decided to become a certified Health Coach and Integrative Health Practitioner because she wanted to help people truly heal through lifestyle choices. She completed her training with Health Coach Institute and started to work with clients. Upon working with people she began to notice how difficult it was for clients to make the necessary changes. She also ended up talking them through a lot of emotional and mental issues. This shift prompted her to look into different modalities that helped heal and clear these emotional and mental blockages.

She went on to then become a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, as well as a Body Code & Emotion Code Practitioner and started to focus on primarily helping her clients clear and process emotional and energetic baggage as a way to feeling better physically, emotionally, and mentally. One incident always stands out in her head of a client who complained of chronic stomach pain despite doing all the right things, like eating a clean diet, exercising, etc. She worked with her client to uncover the emotional trauma connected to this pain, helped her to process and clear this energy and the pain never came back. Now that she has incorporated Root Cause Clinic into her arsenal of knowledge, she loves to see how the emotional scans are related and loves to help her clients connect the dots to their current symptoms. Additionally she loves to share resources and education on her favorite energy and emotional healing techniques for them to do on their own to amplify the already amazing healing they receive when following their Root Cause protocols.

Brooke Diaz
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