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Cassandra Korté


Cassandra Korté began her career in marketing, having graduated with a BS in Business Administration and an MBA. She always held an interest in nutritional health and physical fitness after being diagnosed with scoliosis as a child. This interest became necessary when she began to experience many debilitating health issues after college and doctors could not seem to find a solution or root cause to the list of symptoms. After nearly 5 years of researching and trying alternate approaches with some improvement, Cassandra became a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach with the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. Around the same time, she became a client of Root Cause Clinic and finally began to heal the true root causes behind her lingering symptoms.

Through a variety of trials and errors, while moving from the beaches of South Jersey to the beaches of Hawaii, with a few stops in between, Cassandra has experienced the amazing healing power of a combination of bioenergetic medicine and a back to basics lifestyle. Her goal is to help others experience natural and holistic methods to healing their bodies and is excited to have found Root Cause Clinic’s approach to biophotonic testing!

Cassandra Korté
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