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Dani Stough


Dani is a Board-Certified Integrative Health Practitioner. She completed her studies in Integrative Health & Functional Medicine at the IHP Institute. Prior to that, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with her degree in Integrative Health Science from the National University of Natural Medicine.

Dani knew from the age of 12, that the medical field was the field for her. She began studying to become an RN, then a PA, then an MD. She even worked in the allopathic medical field for 3 years before she realized that symptom management, was not the type of “healthcare” she wanted to provide.

She battled a whole slew of health issues growing up… 12 years of full-body welts, chronic fatigue, depression, cystic acne, candida overgrowth, slow wound healing, hair loss, mold exposure, anxiety, painful menstrual cycles, etc. She felt defeated. She felt gas-lit. Quite frankly… she felt failed by “the system”. She knew there had to be a better way! This is where she found hope & answers in root-cause healing and never turned back!

Dani found her true calling to provide bio-individualistic, evidence-based, root-cause healing… in a minimalistic and down-to-earth way. She adores working with young mamas and their little ones, as well as young adults and those suffering with chronic dis-ease. Her passion lies in educating & empowering clients to uncover what truly lies beyond their symptoms, to regain full vitality and the quality of life they deserve.

When not serving clients… Dani can usually be found nestled at home with her soon-to-be-hubby & mini dachshund Oakly. She can also be found hanging with her local community at a coffee shop, worshipping at church, swimming in the ocean or forest-bathing!

Dani Stough
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