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Ivan Gonzalez


Ivan Gonzalez is a Functional Nutrition Therapist Practitioner (FNTP) candidate, He is a father of four amazing children and a sports enthusiast but mostly soccer! In 2014, after the passing of his father, whom he was very close with, Ivan developed major health issues. Looking for answers and not receiving any through traditional medicine, he was intrigued by Holistic modalities, particularly energy medicine. He believes energy medicine is the future of medicine.

Growing up as a Hispanic male, emotions were traditionally taught to be suppressed. Ivan has learned that showing emotions is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of growing and healing. He hopes to assist others in their realization that it’s ok to feel emotions, release them and understand what they mean. .

As an athlete, Ivan also hopes to help athletes around the world be in optimal health with energy medicine. This will allow for better performance and recovery

Ivan Gonzalez
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