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Julia Guarini


Julia Guarini is a passionate biomedical scientist and holistic health practitioner dedicated to helping people heal from the inside out. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA Julia developed a deep curiosity and fascination with the human body and its intricate functions. She pursued her studies at Liberty University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences.

During her time at Liberty University, Julia had the opportunity to delve into the world of pathogenic microorganisms and natural treatments as part of her research work with the Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her research taught her how to identify the underlying causes of disease and inspired her to pursue a career in the healing arts.

As she began her own personal journey towards optimal health, Julia realized that there was a significant gap in the conventional approach to healing. She recognized the need for a more personalized, holistic approach that considers the individual as a whole, rather than just treating isolated symptoms.

With this newfound passion, Julia began to explore the world of holistic medicine and its integration with cutting-edge technologies and advancements, such as Bio-Photonics. She understood that by using frequency, she could help people identify the root cause of their symptoms and create personalized protocols to help them achieve abundant health and wellness.

Julia's mission is to empower individuals to take control of their health by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to achieve optimal wellness. With her extensive knowledge of the human body and her passion for holistic healing, she is dedicated to helping people achieve their health goals and live their best lives. Whether you are dealing with chronic illness, mental health concerns, or simply looking to optimize your overall wellbeing, Julia is here to help you on your journey towards optimal health and wellness.

Julia Guarini
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