Tara Nichols


Tara is a Nutritionist with a B.S in Dietetics, a certified yoga instructor and an art enthusiast. Before exploring her natural love and interest for food and nutrition, Tara received a degree in Visual Communications from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in hopes of conquering the world as a Fashion Stylist.

During this time, Tara’s passion for health and wellness and its connection to nutrition blossomed as she navigated her own relationship with food. This passion quickly turned into what felt like a calling to help educate others on the mind, body, spirit connection and just how our food choices and lifestyle behaviors impact them. Upon completion of her Dietetics degree at Cal Polytechnic University, Tara travelled to India to immerse herself in meditation and yoga practice which had a profound impact in shaping her world view. The trip opened her heart and only validated the innate knowledge that we are all indeed, energetic, spiritual beings having a human experience. This understanding continues to be a foundation to Tara’s approach to this day.

As a former RootCause clinic client, Tara knows first hand what it feels like to be in the dark troves of chronic illness and yet still find the joy in the journey home to true health and wellness.

Her goal as a practitioner is to help you become more resilient, more vibrant, more connected to nature and spirit so you may become your own source of healing power.

Tara Nichols