Single Bio-Photon Test Kit

Single Bio-Photon Test Kit

"Out of complexity, find simplicity." - Albert Einstein 


Our single test kit is intended for experienced and seasoned clients seeking to continue biophoton testing with their chosen practitioner and/or self-navigate their healing journey after being properly acquainted with the dynamics of Root Cause Clinic’s biophoton testing process.  If you have not yet had an initial RCC provider reviewed testing session, please book the BioPhoton Beginner Package or an 8 Week Practitioner Package before proceeding with a single test kit purchase. 


Scans included:

  • Root Cause
  • Symptom Support
  • Imabalance
  • Emotional

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What to expect?

We will mail you a single test kit with all you need to collect saliva, hair, urine, and nail specimens.  Return postage for your specimens will be 100% prepaid by RCC within the U.S.  Simply collect your specimens and ensure that all required information sections are completed on each specimen.  This includes name and date of birth.  Please read all instructions enclosed in the kit. Be sure to properly seal you envelope prior to returning it. 


Once we receive your kit, your specimens will be processed within 24 to 48 business hours.  Current processing times run approximately 10 days to 3 weeks from the time the kit is issued, however, due to the recent impact of COVID19, delivery times have been significantly impacted and are subject to extended processing times due to the current state of limitations in national logistics transportation.  Once your kit is processed.  Your client copies will be sent to your RCC practitioner and they will dispense them to you within 24 to 48 hours of your appointment.   If you are self-navigating and have previously seen a provider at the clinic, results will be sent directly to you from our support email team. 


You will also be emailed an invoice of the cost of the suggested items indicated for you based on our technological assessment of your lab results.  You may then select to proceed to purchase these recommendations, and take them at the manufactured suggested dosages, choose to modify the protocol by adding or omitting items, and/or simply choose not to entertain the recommended remedies option.


If proceeding with the RCC remedies , items will ship direct from the RootCause Clinic warehouse in Southern California.  Sometimes select items may not be stocked by the clinic, but recommended in your list of suggested supplementation as we prioritize what is most effective for our clients (and not what is most efficient for inventory purposes).  If this is the case with your indicated items, you may receive your products in multiple shipments.  Should this happen, do not be alarmed.  If you should have questions as to the tracking of your items or how your items were shipped, you may contact our general client support at with any and all inquiries regarding package location. 


Upon receiving your items, and if you are not working with a practitioner of the clinic, please understand that all recommendations are to be taken at the manufacture’s indicated dosages per the product label.  You may choose to alter dosages based on your own preference and understanding of your respective health history.  If you wish to have a more customized approach when taking the remedies of the Clinic, please consider working directly with a clinic practitioner so that your entire experience can be tailored specifically to you. 


Indicated recommendations are generally intended to last the duration of one calendar month.  If seeking to continue your quantum healing journey with RCC, we recommend testing every 4 to 8 weeks for the most active elucidation of what you should be targeting in your wellness management regimen.  If you should run out of products you wish to remain on, you may order on our fullscript and/or send an order request email to .Whilst we strongly recommend working with a practitioner, our warehouse will fulfill orders for stand-alone clients performing a self-navigating journey as well. 




*The Bio-Photon Kit will test your samples against a database of thousands of quantum energetic signatures to show you which signatures your body resonates with. Please keep in mind this does not mean you "have" or are "diagnosed" with these quantum energetic signatures. Quantum field testing and biophysics are able to pinpoint what the body accepts as beneficial in the way of energy (as measured in hertz frequency). What's more, the specific frequency your body wants can be imprinted for you as drops that you can take to facilitate the changes your body needs. (Tinctures sold seperately)


*This kit does NOT include a Protocol nor support from a Practitoner. It is for your information only. 


* The infomation found on this site has not been evaluated by the FDA.