#parasitewhisperers pack

#parasitewhisperers pack

The RootCauseClinic #ParasiteWhisperers Pack merges all your current parasite punching, gut geared brands under the umbrage of our proven trifecta that fuses the force of frequency at the subatomic level, the biophotonic activation of the biochemical level, and the physiological level…. all under one signature #rootcauserevolution roof! 


What's included?


Your very own #ParasiteWhisperers Shirt so we may rock the gut healing movement together! Be sure to let us know your shirt size at checkout so we may include it in your pack!


A ParasiteWhisper Scan to get those custom frequencies tailered to your personal needs. The balancing frequencies will be imprinted into your custom remedy with it's very own tailered dosages. 


Your personalized Report with your balancing frequencies.


Physica ColoTox Homeopathic - crafted with the custom gut correcting and parasite imploding frequencies from your very own Root Cause Clinic #ParasiteWhisper Scan, which will not only direct your body’s own detonate that Diphyllobothrium latum response (parasitologist speak for tapeworm), but also serves to provide drainage support specific to the gut, balance the immunological blueprint, desensitize allergens at the atomic level, discharge bowel toxicity, harmonize peristalsis, and much much more!     


Para 1-  It wouldn’t be a full moon cleanse without Cellcore, and we’ve been sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to this stellar brand.  Featuring the signature mimosa pudica seed, this product is hard to beat for bowel sloughing sock it to them goodness that’ll leave your parasites with nowhere else left to go except out!


Para 2- This unspent carbon champion workhorse delivers a Phyto fueled power of killing synergy that gets precisely where it needs to go to leave no parasite left behind. 


Woodland Essence Paragone – Our hallmark compounded herbal blend for GI & systemic parasites from the truly incredible and gifted team of herbalist at Woodland Essence. These world class blends are not simply the culmination of decades long experience in wildcrafted herbal medicine harvesting, but also feature the lifelong research of no less than the one and only plant medicine guru ….. the infamous Stephen Buhner.  If parasite cleansing normally does a number on your nervous system, you’ll never again want to be without this little catnip spiked concoction!


Bowel Mover- The thrill of the kill wouldn’t mean a thing, if the bowels ain’t got that swing… and slip sliding bowel movements will be yours indeed at the drop of the hat with this industry topping bowel mover!


Biotoxin Binder- Poison leaves the body bit by bit… and while patience is a virtue, we think binding to bide some relief from clearing reactions doesn’t just provide for super symptom reprieve.  We think its super smart! What do we love so much about this one?  No fasting.  No spacing multiple intervals of dosing to avoid binding up other portions of your protocol.  Just drop, stop, and pop those ammonia and sulfur byproducts away!


Organic Olivia Not Your Average Probiotic-  IG’s most endearing  herbalist cult classic probiotic, prebiotic, and enzymatic blend that is as perfect as it gets when it comes to parasite cleansing for its ability to modulate the immune system of the gut when needed most , break down parasite membranes, and kick that candida to the curb that parasite cleansing often surfaces.


*May be enough for a 2 month supply




We ask that  you carefully consider your purchase prior to committing to a package as All Sales Are Final. No Exceptions. No Refunds. 

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