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Root Cause Retreat™

Get your passports ready! Immerse yourself in an environment of high vibes and tranquility in beautiful Tulum Mexico with Host Veronica Leslie where you will reset your reality! 

When: JAN 23 - 29th 2024

Where: Tulum, MX

Who: This is open to anyone looking for a unique experience focused on emotional health and healing.

Feelings Become Flesh™ Transformation

You are invited to join us for 5 days of activities allowing you to unwind, refresh, and leave with a new vigor to take your health into your own hands and walk away with more tools than when you arrived. 


We at Root Cause Clinic believe in aligning physics, chemistry, and structural mechanics as it pertains to the health and wellness journey as a whole. What does this mean? This means that in order to experience optimal health we must address all 3 areas and that is what this retreat will do.

The Hotel

Hot & Cold Plunge

The property sits on a private lot in the jungle designed in boho style with individualized huts, a kitchen, a therapy center practicing ayurvedic medicine, and more. 

A large sauna with aromatic herbs to get your detox pathways opened and replenish your cells. You can go back and forth from the hot sauna to the cold pool to get full benefits of which may include:

boosted immune system

clearer skin

reduced anxiety

reduced muscle tension

tighter pores

boosted metabolism

and more.

Your Room

Every villa has a its own private terrace, bathroom, dipping pool, 1 king bed, and double closet for your plus one should you choose to share this experience.   


Fresh made juices and teas, food local to the region freshly cooked to order. You will choose your meals in order to accommodate all guests. Our focus is nourishing your body however you get to decide if that means nourishing your soul or your cells so the menu has options for stricter diets and not so strict diets.  

*If you have an allergy or special dietary requirements please let us know at time of purchase. 3 meals are included daily. You can order anything above the included meals at a nominal cost paid to the hotel. 

The Experience

Biophysics Analysis Lab Screen & Consult 

Why it’s in the Line Up---  Provides the Blueprint to Begin Your Mind, Body, Spirit Metamorphosis 

Educating & Administering Provider – Veronica Leslie Panagopoulos @HEALTHDOLL.CO

The most comprehensive composition of information and analysis you will ever have done…. Period! Each retreat attendee’s journey first begins with an esteemed Biophysics Analysis, where your specimens will be processed in our lab, results uploaded to your client portal, and Veronica herself providing a 1:1 appointment to interpret and apply the findings!

Emotion Code and EFT Sessions

Why it’s in the Line Up--- Targets the Instinctual and Intuitive Emotional Self as it Integrates into the Somatic Sphere

Educating & Administering Provider – Brooke Diaz @_BROOKEDIAZ_

Why do we deal with things the way we do?  It has to do with our reference points.  We acquire our reference points as we amass various experiences in life, however, where conventional psychotherapy focuses on the collective conscious memory of such reference points, these therapies work at addressing the somatic subconscious memories, trauma, and information systems which integrate into physiological function.  Think of this as inside out work that will allow blockages an information which no longer serves you to be broken down and metamorphosized into a new and more conducive blueprint that does. 

Somatic Centered Psychotherapy  

Why it’s in the Line Up---  Targets the Intellectual Emotional Self as it Integrates into the Somatic Sphere 

Educating & Administering Provider – Elyse Schunkewitz @NEURDY_THERAPIST

Feelings and thoughts are not entirely separate entities, but more like opposing states of tension of the same force.  Talk and cognitive psychotherapy play a vital role in the conscious integration of the mind and psyche as it constructs our everyday reality.  Somatic centered psychotherapy, however, not only allows us to identify and intellectualize the root of our innate emotional and behavioral patterns, but link such understanding with the somatic body for a full circle instinctive integration.  Via the application of breathwork, craniosacral therapy, diaphragmic and somatic release techniques, the conscious cerebral spheres  align with the subconscious and somatic self as you have never experienced it before. 

Untitled design.png

Microcurrent Neurofeedback 

Why it’s in the Line Up---  To Rewire the Brain & Body Electric  

Educating & Administering Provider – Deana Morales @NONTOXDETOXHEAL

So much of health is not about what needs to be added, but what needs to be aligned.  Make no mistake… microcurrent neurofeedback is not your typical neurofeedback experience.  Rather than targeting the desynchronized alpha and beta waves of the brain themselves, microcurrent neurofeedback targets the static (dirty electricity of the brain) created between them.  You can think of this therapy (in clinical trials to be approved by insurance coverage as we speak by the way) as bioresonance for the brain.  Using a delta wave measurement calibrated specific to the patient, microcurrent neurofeedback uses electrical current to break up distorted static patterns in the brain.  By removing the static, and not attempting to overthrow and browbeat the brain into submission the way other neurofeedback systems do, microcurrent neurofeedback has been demonstrated to provide results more quickly and consistently.  Here are just a few of the conditions microcurrent neurofeedback has demonstrated success as verified by a clinical observation and assessment: insomnia, traumatic brain injury, post stroke recovery, depression, addiction, PTSD, speech delay and spectrum disorder, anxiety, brain fog, memory, and more.

TAAM Touch Magnet Therapy 

Why it’s in the Line Up---  To repattern the tension states of the magnetic body at the cellular, somatic and subtle energy levels

Educating & Administering Provider – Veronica Leslie Panagopoulos @HEALTHDOLL.CO

The facilitation of all energy is catalyzed by tension.  This study as it pertains to the human organism is known as bio tensegrity.  By understanding magnetic field properties, we may use them to augment the tension states of both BODY & MIND!  Magnet therapy is quite simply the strategic manipulation of magnetic fields to influence the state of contraction and expansion (tension) within the cell and tissues of the body.  This allows for an insertion of remodeled tension state patterning, which bodes the ability to allot for new physiological and biochemical instruction.  Magnets, however, may also be used to repattern innate tension patterns to external stressors and emotional experiences as well.  TAAM Touch Therapy specifically is also able to target generationally acquired trauma tension patterns, unleashing an entirely other profound platform of healing.!

Neural Therapy Scar Injection

Why it’s in the Line Up---  To Physically & Chemically Release the Literal Crystalline Matrix of Trauma 

Educating & Administering Provider – Dr. Jessica Peatross @DR.JESS.MD

Ever notice how scar tissue is different from tissue which has not faced such trauma?  There is a reason for that!  However, sometimes scar tissues can create obstruction in the body’s energetic and physiological processes.  Signaling can be reflected and refracted, distorting the messaging of the body.  Neural therapy takes such interference off the table and removes the literal fabric (and frequencies) holding back the body’s innate ability to heal. 

Postural Restoration

Why it’s in the Line Up---  To Retrain the Structural Form and Function of the Body

Educating & Administering Provider – Aleena Kanner @ALEENAKANNER

The geometry of the body encases and catalyzes processes in its own right.  Quite simply, the form with which our anatomical outline moves, rests, and aligns dictates its function, and or rather, lack there of.  Postural restoration goes far beyond the immediate pain point or localized area of concern and connects its pattern of dysfunction throughout the entire moving kinesthetic chain of the body.  Even the most seemingly mental or emotional aspects of ourselves can hold their deepest roots in biological an anatomical form.  How we walk, sit, and breathe all stand to profoundly impact the way with which we process external stimuli.  Postural restoration is the evaluation and application of such understanding alongside hands on corrections to repattern the body back to optimum form and function.  


Turkish Sauna & Sound Bath

Transcend Your Trauma with Sound & Sweat Therapy  


Gaze at the stars and terrestrial jungle that is Tulum from this all glass pane traditional Turkish sauna whilst imbibing your energy with a precision scaled Solfeggio attunement. 


Where Physics Meets Physiology Lecture Series 

Be Able to Confidently Understand, Apply, & Articulate the Physics of Emotional Energetics


Taken straight from the 110 hour long Physics Meets Physiology Course, these lectures will elucidate serious evidence based and academic research you never knew existed (as in Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Standford, Columbia, UCLA, the US Department of Defense, and more)!  If you have witnessed the power of energy medicine but struggle to find the language to hold such conversations in professional or personal circles, this series of education will leave you not only equipped to do so… it'll have you commanding the entire room.

Other Experiences

Activity Workshops

The Elements – Mother Nature’s Meyers Briggs Assessment

“We are not a part from the equation, but a part of the equation.”


Applying the fabric of creation to the creational design of the human experience itself.  Learn your archetypal construct as it relates to the elements of Chinese medicine, and most of all how you may use such understanding to support your weaknesses and decongest over amplified areas of your life.  From what kind of office decor surrounds you, to what you put on your plate, to the types of people and relationships that can either make or break you…. We promise this self assessment will be the one to most authentically identify your resonant rhythm like you’ve never experienced before. 



Essential Oils for Emotional Release 

The Language of Aroma – the Last Frontier


Scent and memory are inextricably linked, but the latest and greatest in this field goes far beyond phytochemistry …. It involves physics.  Learn how to use essential oils to transform trauma and environmental processing, ameliorate psychosomatic effects, and rehabilitate old habits via the power of the olfactory system and energetic properties of essential oils.



An Intro Into TAAM Touch Therapy

It Didn’t Begin With You…. But Here’s What You Can Do About It!


After we have properly digested all the conscious and subconscious elucidations of our wounds…. After we have internalized the theory as to what to do about ….. and after we have applied the teachings and understanding to our action, one small caveat often remains…..HOW WE GENUINELY FEEL ABOUT IT ALL…. How do we begin to want what we are supposed to want?  Do what we are supposed to do.  Now that is the question!  This workshop gives an insight as to why the above dynamic is what it is… but more importantly, how magnetic field application to the physical and energy centers of the body can be used to transform it. 

Solo Experience

Shared Villa 

VIP Experience


4500/ person


limited experiences available

1experiences available

(9000 total for 2 guest)

3 month Silk & Sonder Journals

EFT session


Emotion Code


Group Sauna


Body work with our Practitioners


2 IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback Sessions


Test Kit & Review w/ Veronica Leslie


30 min follow up with Veronica Leslie


Feelings Become Flesh Lecture


Physics Meets Physiology Module 4 Live


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner*


Private Villa


Transportation to and from airport

3 month Silk & Sonder Journals



2 intimate meals with Veronica Leslie


4 hours of private mentorship over 2 days with Veronica Leslie

Test Kit & Review w/ Veronica Leslie

EFT session

Emotion Code

Group Sauna

Body work

2 IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback Sessions

Feelings Become Flesh Lecture

Physics Meets Physiology Module 4 Live

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Private Villa

Transportation to and from airport

* terms and conditions apply. Flights not included. Must have a valid passport by Nov 2023. Transportation is arranged. It is best to book a flight arriving from 10am to no later than 1pm local time to allow for ample time to settle into your room and get the activities started. Cancun Airport is 90 minute drive from retreat location.

We recommend flying in to Tulum International Airport which is only 15 minutes away from the retreat. We recommend a 2-4pm arrival time into Tulum International Airport. Rooms will be available at 3pm.

You will be contacted with further details after purchase. Purchase is non refundable 30 days after purchase and no more than 60 days before retreat date. Cancellation will incur a 10% fee if cancelled within 30 days. 




Join Us

3 month Silk & Sonder Journals



EFT session


Emotion Code


Group Sauna


Body work with our Practitioners


2 IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback Sessions


Test Kit & Review w/ Veronica Leslie


30 min follow up with Veronica Leslie


Feelings Become Flesh Lecture


Physics Meets Physiology Module 4 Live


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner*


Private Villa


Transportation to and from airport

Virtual Experience



Experience the retreat from the comfort of your own home

3 month Silk & Sonder Journals whiles supplies last



Be a fly on the wall for an EFT session and an emotion code session


Lectures given by our bodyworkers on best approaches for health using their  tips and tricks

Feelings Become Flesh Lectures

Physics Meets Physiology Module 4 Live

(plus $395- )Option to Upgrade to a test kit with a recorded data review by Veronica Leslie* must submit test kit prior to retreat

join us live or catch the recordings later

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