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K. Olson

After various rounds of bloodwork and still no answer as to the root cause of various health ailments, I decided to try biophotonic testing. I knew immediately that I was on the right path when my results showed many things my previous bloodwork had proven. Not only that, it also provided many additional things in my body that need healing, which I believe are the missing pieces to the puzzle; things that could have gone unseen had I not done the scan!


Ariel Welch did a wonderful job explaining my results and how various ailments or pathogens came into play in regards to the health issues I’ve been dealing with for years. She knows her stuff! Then, she put together a detailed, color coded protocol, and after implementing it for just a few weeks, I can tell things are shifting in my body for the better. Just to name a few: I don’t feel like I need a nap to get through the day and I’m sleeping better at night. I had swelling in lymph nodes go down. I even passed parasites in the first week! She’s also been helpful with any questions I may have, and very patient when I need additional supplements sent my way. I look forward to the next scan and continuing my healing with Ariel. 


A. Braswell

Last year was a game changer for me. I met Veronica Aka Healthdoll.co and I finally found the missing puzzle piece I have been looking for.

I had been ignored and was very frustrated by the traditional allopathic healthcare system and left with no answers.  After several years of discovery on my own I felt I had reached the end of my rope. I felt that working with Veronica using bioresonance might be the missing puzzle piece that I’ve been looking for and I was correct in my assumption.

I was definitely impressed at how much knowledge Veronica has on these topics. Lyme disease can be extremely complicated, but the eloquence and amount of information she relayed to me during our initial consult blew my mind.

Shortly after beginning my protocol I had a health crisis related to extreme stress and travel fatigue, in which Veronica guided husband and myself through over the phone for nearly a week using homeopathics and herbs. I was able to bring my body back into balance without dependence on prescriptions or emergency room visits. (Game changer!)

I continued on my holistic journey using products she recommended, and was able to rid my brain of the crippling neurological issues I had been plagued with for 5 years. I can’t say enough now about homeopathics. I once was skeptical but now have an apothecary full of homeopathic products after working with her because I believe in them so much.

The amount of care she puts into her clients is above exceptional. I highly recommend working with Veronica and have the utmost respect for her and her mission. She inspired me to follow this path and to become a bio-energetic practitioner myself.


Poarch Family

We have been so thrilled to work with Ariel and Root Cause clinic. Myself, my husband and two of our daughters felt so relived to find answers for aliments after years of feeling left in the dark by western medicine. Ariel has worked very closely to create specific protocols for each of our specific needs. We all four have very different needs that she has worked hard to address and treat accordingly. Its been so encouraging to feel like after years of uncertainty we have answers to many health questions that have plagued us. Hope has been restored in our lives and we are so excited to see our health prosper in the future. Truly thankful for Ariel and her expertise and cant wait to continue working with her in the future. 

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