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Our new course is 


While our programs deliver some of the most mesmerizing biophysics based data and education around, the Physics Meets Physiology experience was ultimately designed for an audience ready to ascend beyond yet another memorization based energy medicine platform. 


If you are here ...  you know what it's like to have your mind blown ... and have perhaps even found yourself unable to contain the excitement and or addiction that fuels you to continue seeking out all things energy medicine. 


Rest assured we satisfy all such desire here ... but where we differ is that we are also here to connect that desire with the ability to do. 


This is because we are not here to teach you merely WHAT to think when it comes to making sense of energy medicine  ... but HOW to think. 


This platform is for anyone (the stay at home mom or the professional alike) who wishes to do more with the paradigm shifting pearls of wisdom they have acquired along the way.   It is for those seeking not merely more pearls ... but the silk to suspend such pearls that they might actually be worn- that is our audience. 


Whether a mother for the benefit of her child ... or a physician for their patient.... the Physics Meets Physiology experience is an evolved approach to learning where  memorization of informarion is replaced with the formula on how to arrive to the destination of your goals and dream as it relates to health and wellness. 


We are not, however, the sole guru in this journey... Rather.... we are the gateway to the journey of becoming one yourself. 

About Where Physics Meets Physiology

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