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What is the difference Between Root Cause Clinic™ and other Bioenergetic Testing Services?

Here are some facts that set us apart:

We test at various levels of specificity and sensitivity to pinpoint what is foundational (root cause) and what is secondary symptomology.  The data doesn’t just illustrate stressed areas of the body but calibrates this data so that you have an understanding of immediate, mid-range, and long-term perspective targeted goals regarding the needs of your health.


WE doe not force a criterion from which our scans populate their results.  Each scan pulls unique data respective to the bio-individuality of each client’s needs.  While it may be more linear to see the same categories each and every time, we have seen that forced criteria, such as always listing the top deficient minerals per se, takes a placeholder of value over other more significant information if it is not, in fact, a causal factor as to why the client is experiencing their reported health imbalances.  Meaning, while this person may have magnesium as one of their top 3 lowest concentrated minerals in the body, this may not have the power to bridge the gap on their foundational health issues if that is not tested at a degree of sensitivity to indicate it as such.  We are results-oriented (as you will see from our countless testimonials) and in order to make the journey of healing as sustainable as possible, we would rather use that slot in your budget to select something that offers the maximum potential to address not what is simply out of range, but what is out of range and recommended for what you came to us for!


Root Cause Clinic™ offers through Aether Laboratories™ not simply a standard full-body scan but dozens of specialty scans ranging from energetic assessments of weight loss, fertility, metabolism, the heart, brain, advanced resonating pathogen panels, environmental allergens, and much more.  Be sure to check out all our specialty scans HERE.


Root Cause Clinic™ understands the dynamic nature of energy, and while other testing facilities list all data as universally equal, we can elucidate the complexity of our data, and differentiate between data that suggest more exclusively energetic based imbalances, or whether such data would likely be reproducible or potentially suggestive of a more conventional definition or diagnostic.  IE. Does this marker appear on my scan purely for its benefit as a balancing frequency, or is this resonance which suggests a potential physical corroboration to be considered?


Root Cause Clinic™ offers customized frequency-based tinctures, and not simply multichord homeopathy intended for a more generalized audience.  We equate this to shopping off the rack, versus having a custom wardrobe.  An off the rack item still holds potential to serve its intended purpose, but few would protest that it simply comes in second when compared to custom tailor-made craftsmanship.


Root Cause Clinic™ also offers laser coherent photon therapy.  Don’t want to take tinctures?  We can load those frequencies into a laser!  Want to concentrate your frequencies on a particular localized area on the body?  Try laser therapy!


Root Cause Clinic™ is the original pioneer of Instagram’s first Emotional Scan.  We have always believed since day one that Feelings Become Flesh™!  There is no healing that can be complete without examination of the human being as a whole.  Our emotional scan assesses and analyzes the bioenergetic electromagnetic fields created by your feelings, thoughts, and emotions, of which our custom tinctures, gemstone jewelry, and laser therapy can all serve as vehicles of corrective and balancing bioenergetic frequencies.  It is described by many of our clients as “therapy without the talking.”


Aether Laboratories™ operates out of an actual brick and mortar laboratory where temperature, chemicals, electromagnetic fields, and all variables are controlled at all times to ascertain the most accurate readings possible.  Your specimens are not being processed in uncontrolled or various environments, but by a team of lab technicians. Our team has been instructed and trained as to the paramount importance of a maintaining a consistent, controlled, and neutral testing environment.  Many services simply accept and or funnel specimens to the direct residence of the corresponding provider.  This leaves many variables to consider and may act to influence the results of your testing, impeding accuracy.  Electromagnetic radiation coming from the WIFI of the provider for example, could surface in your readings.  We act to ensure such adulteration of your specimens original biofield remains as intact as possible before, whilst, and even after the initial preliminary testing.


Aether Laboratories™ does not perform surrogate based testing.  We do believe such mediums of testing performed by a skilled provider such as muscle testing can yield very valuable results when completed in person.  Using surrogate testing for remote purposes, however, again leaves many variables to become convoluted if the individual performing the testing is not cognizant of such.  Aether Laboratories™  never uses a substitute human field to serve as a beacon or conduit with which to run your specimen’s energy field through.  There is simply no control of the surrogate’s level of influence over the results, which makes not simply an accurate reading less likely, but the ability to accurately track progress as well.


Root Cause Clinic™ was Confounded by Naturopath Veronica Leslie Panagopoulos, who completed both academic achievement and industrial experience within the field of Agriculture, and specifically within the sphere of environmental physics.  Our technologies and applied methodologies are thoroughly vetted and understood in their entirety.  We are not simply utilizing a direct to market technology on autopilot incapable of explaining the actual physics behind it.  In fact, our technological system includes a series of customized calibrations and in house engineering design 100% unique to us and not found anywhere else.  Using Bioenergetics is like any other field, those using it should have full competency in the disciples which animate it.

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