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Deana Morales


Meet Deana Morales, the visionary force behind Root Cause Clinic™. As a mother of five and a dynamic entrepreneur with a diverse background spanning transportation logistics to financial services, Deana embodies resilience and ingenuity.

Caught in the maze of conventional healthcare with no tangible solutions for herself or her family, Deana embarked on a transformative journey—one fueled by her innate ability to identify and isolate solutions. When traditional modalities fell short, Deana's tenacity led her to a groundbreaking discovery—the first-ever platform of answers that had eluded them thus far.

In mere hours of analysis, Deana, renowned for her discerning eye, was captivated by the profound connections revealed—unraveling mysteries from her daughter's seizures to her son's spectrum disorder, and even shedding light on her own battle with breast implant illness. Yet, it was the stark revelation of uterine cellular abnormalities that truly ignited Deana's resolve.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of answers, Deana put her protocol to the test—and within days, she experienced the transformative power of the body's innate healing capacity. Armed with this newfound clarity, Deana envisioned a future where every family could access the same level of insight and healing.

With unrivaled organizational acumen and unwavering determination, Deana became the bridge between her family's experience and the transformative journey she believed every family deserved. Join us at Root Cause Clinic™ and discover a world where empowerment, healing, and hope converge to rewrite the narrative of wellness.

Deana Morales
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