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Supplement Resonance Scan

Supplement Resonance Scan

Got a slew of supplements just sitting there? See to it that what is welcomed by the body is well defined so that what isn’t working can make its way out your regimen. 


Say what you ask? As an enhanced service to members of the clinic, supplement testing is available to you at the cost of $3 a supplement. 


For example, If you want to send in 10 supplements, be sure to add quantity 10 to your cart at checkout.


How does it work? Send in your capsules, tablets, or organic Q tip dipped in liquid supplement you wish to be tested against in separately marked and labeled packaging. Do not place multiple supplements in the same individualized vessels or containers.  Your samples will be tested against your urine, hair, saliva, and nails to determine whether they fall into the following categories:


Root Cause  - indicates the supplement may assist the body’s quantum field in balancing its deficits at the causal chain level   


Symptom Support- indicates that when tested against your quantum field, the supplement likely does not contribute to addressing the root cause imbalances but may resonate as being beneficial in managing symptomatic ailments


Dissonance- indicates your body’s quantum field is neither balanced at the root cause level , nor provided symptom relief by the formula, and could possibly even be contributing to atomic and/ or physiological dissonance.


 You will be emailed a list of your supplements with the aforementioned resonance categorization indicated upon finishing the processing of your samples.  If not submitted within 10 days, however, specimens will be discarded and your testing will unfortunately be unable to be processed. 


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