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Root Cause Retreat       


Join us this summer as we celebrate our 3 year anniversary bringing House of Hertz to you. 

Biocharger sessions

Group EFT Sessions

IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback

Ionic Footbaths

Group lectures with co founder Veronica Leslie

...and more!



In 2022 we continued our celebration of Root Cause Clinic's 2nd year anniversary by launching We decided to keep our Root Cause Retreat closer to home and host it at House of Hertz in Saint George UT. So many of our loyal frequency family showed up to support us. 


In 2021 we launched what we knew would be an annual celebration of Root Cause Clinic's anniversary, thus birthing the first Root Cause RetreatTM It took place in Tijuana MX filled with 3 days of nourishment, detoxification, and education. Discussions on German New Medicine as well as who passed the most  parasites and stones  were just some of the riveting topics! Scan the QR code to see more in depth experiences.

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